Re: reefer fan mechanisms

Richard Hendrickson

From Bill Welch:

I am puzzled about the external evidence of fans on reefers. I some caes
they seem to appear on only one side, but this is unclear since we rarely
have photos of both sides. Then again early SFRD cars had the external
mechanisms on boths ends of the side. I even have the Overland parts to
use on an InterMountain kit. Did the external eveidence vary from system
to system or perhaps over time?
Mechanical fans were located at both ends of the car but the drive ends
were visible from only one side. On some early Santa Fe cars, both drive
ends were visible from the same side of the car, but in most cases only the
drive end at the left end of the side was visible.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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