Re: DS/SS split 1938 help needed

Ray Breyer

laramielarry <> wrote:
>>I am transferring the box, auto and ventilator car data from the
January 1938 ORER into an Excel spreadsheet, and adding sheathing
type and build/rebuild date as auxiliary information.
I have the sheathing type for about 95% of the U.S. fleet, and am
requesting your help in reducing the number of "unknowns".
>>Can someone identify whether these cars are DS, SS, or Steel and what
their build or rebuild dates were?
Hi Larry,

I dug through my files over lunch and can fill a couple of holes, at least partially:

IC, XM, Box, 245451-246200, 36'4.5", 8'0", 6'0", 80000, 664, NA
Ex-46492-46848, double sheathed, built by the IC between 1905-1907 (source: 1915 ICC valuation report for the IC)

IC, XM, Box, 247001-247600, 36'4.5", 8'0", 6'0", 80000, 513, NA
Double sheathed (source: 1927 IC equipment list)

IC, XM, Box, 330001-331800, 36'4.5", 8'0", 5'6", 80000, 794, NA
Double sheathed (source: 1927 IC equipment list)

MP, XA, Auto, 82500-83249, 40'6", 10'0", 11'0", 80000, 735, 52
Single sheathed, built by Mt Vernon in 1927 (source: 1951 MP diagram book)

Hope this helps!

Ray Breyer

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