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Garth G. Groff <ggg9y@...>


The Western Railway Museum in central California has quite a few freight cars, mostly Western Pacific,
plus some older ones that passed through the hands of the U.S. Navy. I can give you a partial list if

Also, the Feather River Railroad Society has a fine collection of WP stuff at their museum in Portola,
California. Most are listed, and many are depicted, on Sam Hershbein's web site at: .

It would be a big job, but maybe somebody could compile a list of preserved freight cars from all the
museums across the country.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

ian clasper wrote:

Hi Guys

Can anyone tell me where to find out who's got what freight cars at the
various Railroad Museums. Searches of the Web have come up with nothing.

Many of the Museums websites only mention the locomotives, the worst being
the B&O museum which only mentions a the diesels of the B&O and WM, not a
mention about the yard full of freight and passenger equipment or steam
engines. The roundhouse full of 19th century equipment only gets a mention
because it makes a wonderful venue for functions !!

Living in the Puget Sound area, I can go to the Northwest Railway Museum,
but I do not know what they have, their website only mentions that they have
freight cars. Can anyone tell me what they do have ? Are there any other
places in this area with interesting equipment for a '50s modeler ?


Ian Clasper

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