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You may also find this resource useful:
The 1948 Keyser Car Shop photo book. Pages 31 and 32 have good shots
of N-17s in the 13 Great States Scheme.

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Jonathan Grant wrote:
"I have just completed a couple of Tichy USRA steel hoppers - the
original, not the rebuilt, and have a spare sheet of B&O decals from a
F&C hopper kit that I'd like to use to finish them off.

Does anyone know what the running numbers were for the B&Os USRA
hoppers and is there anywhere on the web with this information, and
for that matter the other USRA freight cars, for future reference."

The following cars were part of the B&O's allocation of USRA twins
built in 1919, Class N-17:
320000-320999, 1000 cars, Ralston Steel Car Company
321000-321499, 500 cars, Pressed Steel Car Company
321500-321599, 100 cars, Ralston Steel Car Company
321600-321899, 300 cars, ACF

The following cars were acquired in 1923 via the takeover of the
Morgantown and Kingswood:
324000-324399, 400 cars, Ralston Steel Car Company, ex-Morgantown &
Kingwood 4000-4399. Originally assigned as LV 27001-27400.
324400-324999, 600 cars, 1923, Standard Steel Car Company, ex-
Morgantown & Kingwood 4400-4999. Originally assigned as LV 27701-

These Class N-17A USRA copies built in 1923 were acquired from Bertha
426000-426299, 300 cars, Pressed Steel Car Company, ex-1-300

The following Class N-17B cars were the USRA allocation to the
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh and were acquired by the B&O via its
takeover of the BR&P in 1932:
726000-726499, 500 cars, Pressed Steel Car Company, ex-BR&P 55000-
726500-726799, 300 cars, Pullman, ex-BR&P 55000-55499

Additionally, the ex-Buffalo and Susquehanna Class N-26 and N-26A
hoppers acquired in 1932 can be modeled from this kit:
N-26, 233100-233496, 397 cars, built 1923
N-26A, 233500-233699, 200 cars, built 1929

Last weekend, I gave a presentation on the B&O's USRA freight cars at
the B&ORRHS' Eastern Mini-Con at Harpers Ferry. I'll convert the
handout to PDF and post it to the group files section tomorrow

Can't help you with an online source for USRA freight cars; the
DEFINITIVE source is James E. Lane's article in Railroad History No.
128, Spring 1973. I cannot recommend this resource highly enough -
if you want to understand this subject, get a copy of this article.

Ben Hom

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