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Bruce Smith

On Thu, August 14, 2008 6:27 pm, Brian J Carlson wrote:
As for the number of B&O boxcars I am afraid you will need to bite the
bullet. The M26 and subclasses (including M-27, M-27A) approached 16,000
copies. Add in the M-15 with 12,000(not sure how many were left
unconverted by the war though), and the roundroof cars (M-13, M-15
various subclasses,
M-53) there is quite a fleet. B&O cars appear in the background of many
PRR yard shots and freights. M-26B's are easy from Red Caboose, M-26D/E
can be
modeled from Speedwitch, Westerfield has M-15's and Sunshine has M-27's so
modeling B&O isn't that hard.
Brian, Dave, Folks,

So, here's a philosophical question... For my foreign boxcar fleet, I
need roughly 5 B&O boxcars based on the national fleet. So what cars?
Well the WWII fleet consisted of the M15, M26 and rebuilt M15 and M53
wagontops. The knee jerk response of many modelers might be to use the
iconic wagontops. After all, you can identify them as B&O without even
reading the reporting marks! But I can't resist the temptation to educate
and the wagontops turn out to be a cliche. Their combined made up just
over 10% (or 1 in 10) of the B&Os boxcar fleet... in reality I don't need
ANY! The M15 was about 25% of the fleet and the M26 was about 50% of the
fleet. So, the ICONIC B&O boxcar is the M26. Lets add to that while the
B&O was known for the Duryea underframe, only about 1/3 of the M26 cars
have this u/f.

OK, so back to the 5 cars I need for B&O. Seems like the M26A and M26D I
built for Virtual Modelers will work, plus maybe another M26 or M26A might
be good. Likewise, a Westerfield M15 would be a good idea. That leaves
one or two slots left, depending on how many M26s I have. So, I broke
down and filled that spot with an M53, after all, it is an icon <G>.
However, due to the size of my fleet that car will not appear every ops
session, but several B&O cars will. What that means is that operators
will get the CORRECT impression that B&O cars were relatively common, but
that wagontops were not. Below are the fleet numbers I worked with for
B&O boxcars

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

M15D 1213 Wood-Dbl Shth-Westerfield kit
M15H 1165 Wood-Dbl Shth-Westerfield kit
M15J 2164 Wood-Dbl Shth-Westerfield kit
M15F 2355 Wood-Dbl Shth-Westerfield kit
Total M15 -6897

M26* 1971 like PRR X29
M26A* 3460 like PRR X29 � RC #7003 undec
M26B* 989 like PRR X29
M26C* 991 like PRR X29
M26D* 5443 like PRR X29, Duryea underframe � Speedwitch
M26E* 986 like PRR X29, Duryea underframe � Speedwitch
total M26 - 13840

M15K 1227 wagon top rebuild
M53* 1886 wagon top--Pro Custom Hobbies kit, F&C kit
M53A* 997 wagon top--Pro Custom Hobbies kit
Total wagon tops - 2883

M55A 900 built 1941: 10'-0" IH, Murphy panel roof

Total B&O boxcars 25747

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