Loading Canadian cars

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

Although we know there was a rule that Canadian cars could not be loaded between points in the US, and it was a customs violation to do so, and a rialroad could be fined for a violation, that doesn't tell us it didn't happen.

The likelihood of being caught was very low, and the penalty for being caught might have been insignificant.

Suppose you are the trainmaster, agent or GYM at Wallula and the agent at Yakima is screaming for cars at Yakima. You have a few CN cars just unlaoded. You send them to Yakima. Maybe you tell the Yakima agent those are cars for the shipper's loads to Canada ;-)

Now consider an unlikley event in which a some inspector notices the CN car laoded to Ogden and informs customs. Sometime later a notice comes down through channels and you get a strong slap on the wrist. The next month you get promoted because of your good record for serving customers well and keeping costs down.

An unlikely scenario, but not at all implausible.

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