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There are still a one or two folks at CF that started out working as "on call" laborers at the LCL operation in CF. Good place to get your foot in the door and get to know someone who could get you a better job . . . if you worked hard. The retirees use to meet at the "Come to Corn Bread and Beans" lunches at the freight house to get together . . . before it became the Heritage Center. Don't know, with the layout, if there is room there anymore.

Al Kresse

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" I planned to share some of Tim's LCL research (a whole other kettle of fish) in some way in that magazine. "

Although I strongly disagree with Tim's conclusions on car fleet distribution (more later today), I will piggyback on the above statement, with which I agree. When Tim visited our club he brought a wealth of data on C&O LCL operations. Our LCL operation is centered on Elkton, VA, not far from the actual C&O terminal at Clifton Forge. Thanks to Tim and the use of selective compression, we have a set of LCL routes that relfects the traffic flow proportions implied by the C&O data.

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