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Tim O'Connor wrote
" All participating lines in a given routing would have to have some prior agreement regarding the division of revenues for THAT particular tariff, and there were tens of thousands of tariffs."

This was not the case (before the 80's). Divisions were almost completely independent of tariffs. They were governed by division sheets that applied to all traffic. The divisions were private agreements among railroads that were not public documents as tariffs were. There were national division sheets and many sheets for two or more railroads for particular routes. This information leaked into the public domain only when the railroads could not agree and one or more protested to the ICC that the divisions were unfair.

Freight agents and shippers knew very little about divisions. Thye were appled in the railroad revenue accounting offices after the freight had been delivered an billed.

With the millions of individual tariff items, there was no possibility of having a division sheet for each tariff in the days BC.

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