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Bruce Smith wrote:
A large portion of the national fleet of tank cars was concentrated in a series of linear routes between the gulf coast oil fields and the north eastern refineries . . . So for us lucky PRR modelers, we get to model a great percentage of the national fleet as it traversed Pennsy rails, but someone modeling, say the ATSF, would see very few of those cars. So in this particular case, both time and location are absolutely critical!
So Bruce, what railroads do you think served those Gulf Coast refineries? Could Santa Fe be among them? But of course to model the tank trains, you'd have to model the right part of the Santa Fe at the right time--just as a Pennsy modeler has to model the right part of the PRR at the right time.
As with so many things, the locality and time one is modeling CAN be entirely controlling. Seth Neumann's layout includes a car plant, so he switches lots of consists of auto racks as well as parts cars. Most of us would only be able to have such cars in bridge traffic.
I once visited a layout on which was a representation of a regional GATC tank car cleaning and repair plant. Wow, could you have a big variety of tank cars in there--and not even restricted to GATX, since others could contract for work to be done there. And you can model cars in various stages of repair or re-assembly, not to mention partly painted, etc. If you love tank cars, it's hard to beat.

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