Re: Selecting cars for loading + statistical observation


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I took a couple of OR courses when I was at MIT. What I found in
the real world of railroads was

1) The distributions were so lumpy that statistical methods
usually didn't work.

Missed the significance of this on my first read, but to me this would
help demonstrate that large variations from the national average, on
any given train, on any given day, and in any given yard, could be huge.

This gets back to my initial concern - we may need to make sure our
trains don't look "too" average. For rolling stock switched during an
op session, let things fall where they may, and perhaps stay near the
national average for deliveries from staging, but for a run-through
consist, or a large block that transits a yard but is not spotted to a
customer(s), but instead runs back into staging, hitting the average
all the time may not look prototpical.


Dave Evans

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