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What's illustrative about this interview with Mr. Grant is how he
addressed the issue of intra-US use of Canadian cars. "Nudge, nudge,
wink, wink" is what I am reading in his remarks. They seem to
support my assertion that Canadian cars were known to "disappear" in
the US, customs reg's. or not.

In all fairness, the more we discuss this, the more we are seeing
that using other roads' cars for loading other than in the direction
of the home road must have been a very common practice in the era of
STMFC. Why else would the Pennsy have been regarded as supplying
cars to the entire US at times?

Steve Lucas.

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we have been told by
several people on this list in the past, that Canadian cars could
move in the U.S. to destinations to unload, then return empty

Following is from the "American Association of Railroad
Superintendents, Proceedings of the Fifty-Eighth Annual Meeting and
Committee Reports, 1954" during a discussion regarding efficient
handling of freight cars.

Among those in attendance at the Pacific Coast Post-Convention
were C. H. Grant, general superintendent of transportation, SP,;
Hopkins, superintendent, SP; R.N. Whitman, superintendent, GN.

Part of their discussion is as follows:

MR. GRANT: We have, as I have stated before, very plain and frank
directives from the AAR and also from the Canadian roads. It's a
year-round order, I think, that we have to return Canadian cars, and
we really catch it when we don't return Canadian cars empty unless
have loading for them on Canadian line. Of course, Mr. Hopkins'
glasses get fogged up (laughter) or he gets these things mixed up on
the switch list and they load three of four now and then, but that's
just a mistake. In further amplifying that, in the case of a
of cars in the States, frequently Mr. Gass, the AAR officer who puts
out these car directives, will permit us to load Canadian cars. But
it's usually for a very short duration, when they're not short of
in Canada.

MEMBER: In certain territories.

MR. GRANT: In certain territories, yes.

MR. HOPKINS: As far as Canadian cars are concerned, we follow Rule
very closely. There may be a slip-up now and then, but on the
over-all we either get them back empty or we get them loaded in the
direction that is covered by Rule 2.

John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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