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From: Bruce Smith
So, here's a philosophical question... For my foreign boxcar fleet, I need roughly 5 B&O boxcars based on the national fleet. So what cars? Well the WWII fleet consisted of the M15, M26 and rebuilt M15 and M53 wagontops. The knee jerk response of many modelers might be to use the iconic wagontops. After all, you can identify them as B&O without even reading the reporting marks! But I can't resist the temptation to educate and the wagontops turn out to be a cliche. Their combined made up just over 10% (or 1 in 10) of the B&Os boxcar fleet..


Let's not get too hung up on averages. After all, the average day rarely happenned. If 10 % of the cars were wagon tops, then there were probably days when out of ten cars five would be wagons. So you're modeling that one day in 20, but it wouldn't be reasoanble for anyone to suggest that you are unprototypical.

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