Re: Tank Car Traffic

Richard Hendrickson

Jeff, In further contemplating the UOCX car you identified as being on the
Rutland, I realized that you found it in

Switch Lists for Train #9 westbound out of Alburgh, Vermont, 9-21-
42 through 12-31-42, 5443 cars
So I'm not so surprised, after all. That was a period when there was still
a desparate shortage of tank cars, the feds had essentially pooled all
available tank cars to transport crude oil to eastern refineries while the
"big inch" and "little inch" pipelines were being constructed, and all bets
were off regarding where the cars of a particular owner might turn up.
Also, the gasoline business was off in the west (owing to severe
rationing), so Union might well have had surplus cars which went to the
government pool.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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