Re: Canadian Empties

john riddell <jriddell@...>

Possibly the best example of Canadian empties not being returned after being unloaded in the US was the cars of the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway (reporting marks TEM). The 566-mile road had some 220 box cars in 1942. It often exported newsprint to US customers in its boxcars. Due to its initials T&NO its unloaded cars in the US were frequently confused with Texas & New Orleans and sent empty to Fort Worth. Its cars were often not returned home for a long time. TEM complained frequently from 1910 on to not confuse its cars with the US road, with limited success. After complaining for some 25 years, in 1946 the road took the extreme step of changing its name to Ontario Northland Railway (reporting marks ONT), at least partially to solve this persistant problem.

John Riddell

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