Re: Looking for IN THE FIELD pix of C&O 91-ton gons

Eric Hansmann

Al Kresse wrote:

I'm looking for pictures of C&O 100000-100999 series high capy gons in
the yards, in the coal fields, or at the coal docks taken between 1921
and 1946. I have builders and tech journal prints plus Raceland AMC
May 1931 repaint photos already.



I did a quick scan at the West Virginia & Regional history on-line collection here:;c=wvcp;g=wvcart

I only searched using 'Tipple' as a parameter. I noted C&O gons in several images, but none
from the series you requested. I only did a quick check. You may want to peruse this archive
with more diligence.

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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