Handbook of American Railroads

Larry Kline

Rob Kirkham wrote:
A question: what is the Handbook of American Railroads - that's a new one to me. Is it analogous to the ORER? Published how frequently?

The Handbook of American Railroads, by Robert G. Lewis, 1951, (First Edition), Simmons-Boardman, New York. There is a short summary including a map, mileage, revenue, expenditures, traffic and equipment info. for 127 class one railroads. From the Intro: "This book has been written to provide a single source of facts and information on each of the 127 Class I railroads. These railroads comprise 181,311 piles of road, or about 81 per cent of the total U.S. rail mileage. A description of each railroad, highlighting information that is prominent or of unusual interest, is accompanied with maps and photographs."

http://www.abebooks.com currently lists 5 copies of the 1951 edition and 2 copies of the 1956 edition.

Simmons-Boardman publishes Railway Age and the Cyclopedias.
Simmons-Boardman currently publishes the Encyclopedia of North American Railroads

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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