Re: Freight car distribution

Tim O'Connor

We've been down this road too -- most people take photos of
stuff they happen to like, or that catches their interest.
Almost no one took photos (and expended film) in order to
document "typical" stuff. Ergo: photos are not admissible
as evidence of anything other than what is depicted in them.

By the way, being an GN and NP fan, I've seen many photos
on each railroad where virtually no home road cars can be
seen. Including the infamous NP Montana branch line train
with a bunch of PRR empties headed to a grain elevator...

Tim O'

It doesn't take a long time looking at photos, for example, of Northern Pacific or Great Northern freight trains and yards to see that at least on the days the pictures were taken, home road equipment often dominated, but the stats say otherwise. Go figure. Glad you are having fun with all this, Mike.

John Stokes
Bellevue, WA

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