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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

John Stokes writes:

"This is the other factor in this essentially impossible and largely meaningless exercise in trying to figure out how many cars of each type would typically be seen on a train in the time period selected and then extrapolate that information to one's model railroad. Who has 1000 + cars? Who has the full mix of car types within box car classes alone and who has a layout on which to run full length freight trains? Not very many of us at all."

Well...certainly not me. UP trains in my time period weere about 82 cars in length. Much of this was based on tonnage ratings. The line in question...between Laramie and Green River has...I believe...a max of 0.82 grade and UP generally liked to run relatively fast frt trains. Layout compression drops frt train lengths for me by at least 50%. 3 of 35 UP frt trains that we know of had 27-36 SP box cars in their consist. Assuming an 82 car length...I ain't gonna look it up...means the 3 trains had from 32% to 43% SP box cars. If I were to run a 40 car frt it could contain as many as 17 SP box cars. Well. Guess what. I don't have 17 SP box cars.

"Again, the best and perhaps only lesson is to try to avoid the "iconic" cars when they were actually few in number, and balance your cars, with a good dose of home road cars, depending on what the history of your prototype was at any given time, when they had or didn't have a large fleet or kept it close to home, as in grain shipment time or on dedicated mineral runs."

I agree. I will I have said...that it is sorta interesting to see a photo of cars where they "shouldn't be".

"Go figure. Glad you are having fun with all this, Mike."

Well, John, it's like this. Why else would I wade through this <G>.

Mike Brock

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