Re: A Purpose For Frt Car Distribution Studies

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Malcolm Laughlin wrote:
I'm OK with the average as the core datum, but recognizing that
average in the car distribution case may be at one side of a
distribution orm otherwise not a true average. Any average is
than zero or infinity as the starting point.
An average always means the same thing, Malcolm, though in
skewed distribution it will not lie at the same location as the
frequent data, which lay persons usually assume the average to be
which it is in a symmetrical distribution). But I have no idea what
"true average" is.
It would appear that we are headed down the road of confusing average
and mean. Which are totally different. Given 10,000 freight cars
past a given point, the average will most likely mimic the national
fleet based on Tim and Dave's data. However, the mean may be skewed
in one direction or the other significantly.

Rich Orr

Rich Orr

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