Re: Box car counts by RR - NMRA Charles collection

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

I believe that the random variables in this situation are the boxcar
counts for each railroad.

The box car ownership counts themselves are highly biased. A significant percentage of the box cars was our of service. For example, obsolete cars used only in the harvest season for grain loading to a very limited number of destination cities, cars aiting for rebuilding, cars designated for shop programs for special equipment, etc., etc. Depending on the railroad those could account for anywhere from five to 20 percent of the box cars.

There are other biases in the live cars. Like 50' DD or WD cars for lumber loading, cars with six foot doors useful for grain but likely to be rejected by many shippers. There were os many XM box cars with dimensional characteristics that would keep them from being randomly distributed.

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