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And Tony's comment about SP flat cars means those of us who model the
SP pre-World War II are up the creek because there aren't any models
of pre-World War II SP flat cars (in HO scale that I know of, at
So far, you're right. But straight-side-sill flats are not
the toughest scratchbuilding job there is.

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True, but actually I was looking at the floor/underframe for one of
Al's B-50-1/2/3/4 box cars, with the idea of trying a Harriman-era
F-50-1/2/3 working from the photos in Chapter 9 of Volume 3. But
that's going to be after Naperville, and maybe Cocoa Beach, too. I've
recently completed a big non-model railroad project that kept me from
the work bench for the past four months.

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