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Aley, Jeff A

Tony's suspicions appear to be correct. The UP S-40-6 is closely related to the SP S-40-5 but there ARE differences.

Apparently (Tony can please confirm) the S-40-5 was pretty much unchanged during its lifetime. In contrast, the S-40-6 had various letterboards, fascia heights, doors, end doors removed, roof corner gussets, poling pockets, hand brakes, brakes (K changed to AB) and trucks during their lifetimes.

Short of a full-blown presentation on the subject, I suggest the info on the Westerfield website as a handy summary.

The best way to model the car is the Westerfield kit. If you want a plastic RTR or kit, I suggest patience, as I believe an S-40-6 will be forthcoming in the next year.



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Rich Yoder wrote:
Thank you Tony.
What car class was that equivalent to on the SP?
Not clear to me. The UP S-40-6 cars were built in 1918, well
after the Harriman Lines had dissociated, and I really can't say for
sure if this UP class even corresponds exactly to an SP class. One
would tend to think of SP's S-40-5, built in 1915-1917, but I'm sure
details differ.

Tony Thompson

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