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Tim O'Connor writes:

That I wrote:

In 1949 it is slightly more than one day's trains.
"That seems odd to me, considering that the SP usually ran
more than 30 freights (60-100 cars) over Donner Pass on a
typical day, and most of that was going to or coming from
Ogden. And that doesn't include 4 or 6 daily trains going
to/from Oregon via the Modoc. The D&RGW got a little bit of
SP's traffic, but not much. At Sherman Hill the UP would
also have traffic from the LA&SL and OSL. And during the
peak perishable season, SP could move nearly 1,000 reefers
in a day over Donner."

From an earlier message of mine:

"Of course the Fraley book contains a realtively small sample of data.
the fall of 1948...6 months prior to the Fraley data...UP averaged about
frt trains per day through the Altamont Tunnel between Green River and
Evanston. This does not include the Granger cutoff traffic through
Montpelier which in 1956 averaged about 12 trains per day. One can
be fairly safe in assuming about 35 frt trains per day..."

The Altamont data is in a UPHS The Streamliner article.

Mike Brock

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