Re: Box car counts by RR - NMRA Charles collection

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

John King wrote:
I don't think we can draw too many conclusions on car distrubution based on the list of cars in the Charles Collection other than to marvel at the variety of cars which stopped in Harrisburg. The selection of cars to photograph was at the descretion of the photographer . . .
Sure. But you can test any data set, and this one conforms to the Gilbert hypothesis about distribution. Evidently the photographer wasn't terribly selective in his choices. Or, of course, you can believe it's just coincidence.
Conductor's time books are also subject to critique as a data source since not all trains are "average." But again, the tests of those data sets tend to confirm the hypothesis.
You guys who continue to object are going to have to either come up with a basis for something better (other than "I don't like it"), or get used to it.

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