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Posted by: "Kurt Laughlin" Has anyone heard of or tried to see if present-day mixed freights follow the same distributions as presumed for the steam era? There are no doubt differences today, but don't Car Service Rules 1, 2, and 3 still apply? Shouldn't there still be distributions based on ownership?

It has to be very different today with so few railroads, seven of them being very large. Among those seven, the only indirect connection is CP/KCS. I dont' know if CSR's.

Since a much mudh larger proportion of routes has minimal competition, there will be a much larger bias towards loads in cars owned by the origin road. On CSX, I'd expect to see BNSF and UP very over-represented relative to NS. But that effect is mitigated by a large volume of traffi between NS points andCSX points.

But this is out of our era, so I'll stop here.

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