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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tim O'Connor writes:

"True, but I didn't include MP since I don't think it was much of an interchange
partner in that area -- it went south to KC, and so did the UP via the Kansas
Pacific. Wabash got very little traffic as well but UP may have been kinder to
them since they were a beneficial passenger train partner. I dunno. I think
C&NW always got the lion's share."

I've recently completed an article on the Overland Route's Fast Mail. I was surprised to find that CB&Q handled the mail between Omaha and Chicago while C&NW handled least during the early 50's.

"> No. OTOH, I'm not seeing blocked eastbound cars in trains in Wyoming.

SP blocked cars for Chicago and other eastern points in Roseville. These
may show up as smaller blocks on the UP. Or maybe UP just shuffled them
around in Ogden for grins.

You ever think that Fraley may have just saved stuff he thought was NOT
typical? Like a big block of SP box cars? :-)"

Sorry. Nice try though.

I'm going to analyze my 1956 data and we'll see what that shows. Fortunately
for other members on the group, it will probably take me 5 yrs to do it.
I'm suspect many here are relieved to hear it."

I would say that your term "many" should be replaced by "most" or even "all".

Mike Brock

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