Re: Steam Era B&O Railroad Painting and Lettering Diagram Book now Available.


Drawings start in 1926 for hopper cars, flat cars and gondolas, we
have one 1955 conceptual drawing for an M-55 boxcar.

Tale Care
-Nick Fry
Director at Large BORRHS

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Could you please tell us the exact time period these cover.

Cyril Durrenberger

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The B&O Railroad Historical Society is happy to announce
that a
selection of steam era B&O Painting and Lettering Diagrams are now
available via our new publication "Scans from the Archives Vol. 3"

A more detailed description is available here:
Item 79453: "BORHS Scans from the Archives Volume 3. Diagrams of
Selected Freight Cars Painting and Lettering Schemes." This item is a
combination of booklet 79413 and CD 40113, each having the same title
and contents, i.e, the booklet is a hard copy version of the digital
images on the CD. Neither the booklet nor the CD are now available
individually. The diagrams are the result of years of work sorting and
digitizing drawings held by the Archives of the B&O Railroad
Historical Society. The contents of this product are 27 drawings of
various classes of box cars, hopper cars, gondola cars, and flat cars."

Orders can be placed via the BORRHS Company Store at:

Take Care
-Nick Fry
Director at Large
B&O Railroad Historical Society

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