Re: Flatcar planking - size of boards? 2x6 seems small

Michael Aufderheide


At the 2004 Monon Society convention, ex-carman Bob Schultz displayed an O scale model of Monon car 7032 that he had scratch built. This specific car was significant to Bob because as a rip track worker in S. Hammond IN he had replaced the deck on the real car in the early '50s.  Bob related that when work was slow, the rip track crew would pre-cut 3x wood decking pieces from 7 ½ to 12 inches wide. Some pieces had holes pre-cut for the stake pockets. Two men worked from both ends to the middle. The re-decking took about 1-1/2 days for two men.  These cars are 53'-6" flats built in 1941 and are similar to the Greenville cars modeled by P2K.


Mike Aufderheide

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Subject: [STMFC] Flatcar planking - size of boards? 2x6 seems small
I am building a wood deck for my CB&Q 52' flat and the original brass
deck measures out to a 2x6 which seems small. What size planking
should I be using? Thanks.
Jason Sanford
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