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Walter M. Clark

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Posted by: "wmcclark1980" What we have is the problem that always
occurs when using statistics.
Most people won't accept that a relatively small sample size can
forecast much larger populations with extreme accuracy.

That's not what the discussion is about Walter. For that theory
to work you need a population that is homogenous with respect to some
variable. With railrad box cars, we are working with lumpy
distributions with varying degrees of skewness and nothing near a
normal or poisson or other kind of distributionfor which we know how
to calculate statistical significance.

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But Malcolm, the population of people and opinions, or even
birthdays, is skewed and lumpy, and statistical methods work for
those. Why not box cars? The result of Tim's and Dave's analysis,
fed into Larry's spreadsheet, matches the available data. That's good
enough for me.

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