Re: Freight car distribution M/StP



Hmmmm--are you sure about that location identifier? I don't think
Park Junction was in Montana. I understand it was near the Twin Cities
near St. Anthony, Minnesota, and it was among the NP's busiest
interchanges with CBQ, MILW, and Rock Island.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

-- In, "Phillips, III, J.A." <whstlpnk@...> wrote:

What we've seen in a raft of NP teletypes from their general agent
in Portland is that a lot of NP traffic was handed off to the Q not in
the Twin Cities but at Park Junction, Montana (read Billings). Another
favorite ploy with rollers would be to send them down the James River
and Oakes Branch in North Dakota and hand them off to the CNW at
Oakes, N.D. This was apparently a long-standing practice.

John Phillips

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