Re: ADMIN: Re: Re: Freight car distribution

Jack Burgess

No question of the feasibility of this kind of report for a
small railroad. What was the total number of cars on line Jack ?
In the case of the YV, it would have been easy to keep such a
record just from the single daily interchange report that had all
cars coming on the railroad for that day.

In contrast, consider a railroad such as the PRR or ATSF with
thousands of cars coming through hundreds of interchanges every
day. Consider the fact that all of the paper with that
information flowed into the system car accountant's office with
time lags of days to weeks. Then imagine the massive clerical
task to do the count. No computers around to help. Not even
photocopiers !

It would have been a huge expense to get information that would
have been too old to use for any kind of management decision making.
But wouldn't that information be needed every day to pay for per diem

Jack Burgess

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