Re: ORER inaccuracy

Cyril Durrenberger

I had the same experience for the SP annual reports.

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote: Cyril Durrenberger wrote:
Another source of general data on car fleets is the railroad reports
to the state railroad commission. These typically have a list of the
number of locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars listed by type.
I have never been able to get these data to agree exactly with ORER
data. This is for railroads that ran in one state. It could be a
difference in the reporting times, etc. In most cases there is
general agreement.
The ones I've seen which went to the California Railroad
Commission are pretty abbreviated, but I haven't tried to see if they
agree with the ORER. Another source is the Annual Reports of some
companies in some eras, in which (again, abbreviated) car rosters are
included. The ones in SP reports in the early 20th century agree rather
badly with the ORER, with significantly higher OR lower car numbers,
compared to the ORER, in the same report. I have no idea why, but gave
up the idea of relying on those data.

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