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For each station, the Rutland had a "Schedule Showing Property
Changes Subsequent to Valuation Date 1917". The schedules are
reproduced in Nimke's books. What was done about cars, I don't know.

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Dennis Storzek wrote:
Hmmm... I was under the impression that after the initial ICC
valuation of the railroads, the law mandated that it be kept

This is correct. The SP employee I know who worked on ORER
submissions was in the SP's Valuation Department and they did
keep everything updated. But I don't know if that was reported to
ICC regularly. Years ago, I asked Bill Edson about that, and he
believed there were no such reporting records at the ICC, but of
he may have been wrong.

Then again, I seem to recall that it was this valuation process
prompted railroads (at least the Soo Line) to implement the
For Expenditure file system . . .
A Harriman Lines innovation, IIRC, which indeed spread
if not universally. Could it have been mandated by the ICC at some

. . . it is possible that this information wasn't even reported,
ICC just mandated that it be tracked, and the information be
in the RR's files if it was needed.
I would say this is the likeliest possibility.

Speaking of the Soo Line, I know the Mechanical Department at one
maintained a card file with a discrete card for every single car
the roster, on which items that could be classed as "betterments"
noted. I have seen some of the cards. Unfortunately, the file
and most the cards are long gone.
Ditto for SP--they used 5x7 cards--but except for cabooses
MOW, all cards are gone AFAIK. But the PFE cards survive in
numbers (though well short of complete) at CSRM. What SP cards do
survive are mostly at CSRM also.

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