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Here's another interesting source of discrepancies between the ORER and what was out on the railroad. Ever wonder about those long lists of exceptions for a car seires that listed cars with special equipment ?

They didn't select those cars by number. Say for example that Larrabee Truck Works was having a special type of frame brought in to their plant from the midwest and the cars had to be fitted with a special rack. Say the EL had a quota of ten cars for the pool and they decided that cars in the 56800 series would be suitable. The mechanical department informs transportation and the general transportation puts out an order to the yard at Marion to divert 10 cars with numbers between 56800 and 56950 to Hornell shop. The first ten such cars that were noticed by the yard clerks at Marion were sent to Hornell. The numbers were effectively a random selection.

Note that I said first ten cars "noticed", not first ten through the yard. The notice went on a clipboard with many other car specific orders. When the clerks had time they reviewed those notices. Personal experience - it once took me three days and conversations with five different yards to get a special flat car to where we really wanted it for loading.

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