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Ted Schnepf

Hi Doug,

I checked my 7/30 ORER and all the car classes are the same for the RI. It does seem unusual there is not a foreign car in the mix, but keep in mind the date is in the spring and that is normally a slow grain shipping time, so most foreign cars are probably off line. Farmers are tilling and planting the fields in May, and way too busy to worry about moving and selling grain.

Grain starts moving in the summer to provide storage room for the next crop soon to be harvested. In the fall and early winter when the elevators were very busy there would probably be foreign cars for loading.


At 10:00 PM 8/19/2008, you wrote:
After the extensive analysis of boxcar distribution on the list, I have a question that may or may not be related. This is about
boxcar distribution, just from a different angle. I am currently researching the small town of Ocheyedan, Iowa which was located
on a Rock Island line in far NW Iowa. The local coop grain elevator has provided some documents, including an inventory audit for
1929. Included in that audit was the following information:

cars on hand, full of corn on May 31, 1929 at Cooperative Elevator Association, Ocheyedan, Iowa
Car Bu
33276 1108
40100 1436
36335 1684
36145 1704

I have a Jan 1941 ORER, so checked those numbers against the Rock Island, assuming they were RI cars on a RI track. I found the
numbers matched RI boxcars in 1941. What follows is the numbers with the 1941 ORER data.

with Data from the Jan 1941 ORER
Car Bu
33276 1108 XM CRIP 40' 80,000 stl underf
40100 1436 XM CRIP 40' 93,000 stl underf Z-bar
36335 1684 XM CRIP 40' 91,000 stl underf
36145 1704 XM CRIP 40' 91,000 stl underf

I have several questions:
1) did the RI have boxcars with these numbers in 1929? If yes, are they the same cars as in 1941 or different cars?
2) what is the chance that the elevator would have four RI boxcars loaded with grain, and not one or more cars from other
railroads (OK you data hounds, let us have it)
3) do these numbers match boxcars suitable for grain on other railroads we might see at the Ocheyedan elevator? If so what

Doug Harding


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