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At 6 AM each morning the entire yard was check and recorded on a
special form. Two copies were sent to the accounting department and
two copies to the car department and one filed in the files where
they were recorded. This was done on the whole RR and was done on The
Un Pac and John Santa Fe. It is of my opinion that this was done on
every RR in the good old US of A, So at 6 AM every freight car in the
good old US of A was on record. So they not only needed to be known,
they were known.
Thank you
Larry Jackman

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There are no data sets that truly support either model. Because
didn’t keep counts of foreign cars on line by ownership, the
necessary data
sets probably never existed. So the choice is between

I would suggest that this data was collected to some extent by the
accounting departments. How else would they determine the per
diem payments to the
various roads. Yes, I recognize that per deims were frequently
offset by Road
A with what Road B owed Road A and only the balance actually
paid. But
nevertheless the number of cars on property each day needed to be

Rich Orr

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