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See my last post. The per diem was based on per day of cars on the RR. When I was on the Un Pac at Salina Ks the first thing the 10:30 yard engine did was grab the Cars for the Mop, RI and John Santa FE and make a run to get then on the Interchanges BEFOR 11:59 PM. If he did not get them there by 11:59 we paid another day of Per Diem.
By the way on the RRs I worked on there was no 12PM or 12AM. It was always 11:59 PM or 11:59 AM. Never 12 Noon or Midnight.
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Larry Jackman

On Aug 20, 2008, at 3:37 PM, Malcolm Laughlin wrote:

Posted by: "Jack Burgess" yvrrus But wouldn't that information be needed every day to pay for per diem
============ An interesting point Jack. Sorry I didn't think of that earlier.

But the answer to your question is a current no and a later yes. There was no daily need for the information. The per diem settlement was made on a monthly basis. I have a vague recollection that two months were allowed for the calculation and then a month to make payment, on a net basis. Not sure of those numbers but it was months.

Interchange reports were, IIRC, collected by the freight agent (I could be wrong on that) and forwarded by company mail to the car accounting deaprtment. The per diem payment between railroads A and B was based on the rper diem rate multplied by the difference of car days of cars owned by B on railroad A and A's car days on B.

There was no need for a count by day or by car type as the per diem was a uniform rate per car per day.

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