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Walter M. Clark

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<snip>That is not to say that new groups of cars did not appear in print
prior to actually being built but, as stated by Malcolm Laughlin -

"..... It was mandatory for a car in revenue service to be
listed in the
ORER. In the absence of a listing, there would be cases in which a rate
using the car could not be determined...... Railroads listed a car
when it
was known that it might be put into service. ....."

In the case of CB&Q, I often found a new listing of a group of cars
any quantity being shown to indicate that they had actually been
built and,
in most cases, a quantity appeared by the next issue that I
collected (about
1 per calendar year) but sometimes the group of cars never materialised
under those numbers.<snip the rest of Rupert's comment>


Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ
<snip the rest of the message>
Rupert, the SP was another road that listed a group of cars before
arrival, an instance of listing a group of box cars that never did
appear. Tony's SP Freight Cars, Volume 4 Box Cars tells of a 500 car
group of 50 ft. 50 ton all steel pre-WWII cars, class B-50-22, number
series 81490-81989, that were bought in 1941 and built in October and
November 1941. Another 500 of the same car were ordered in the June
30, 1941 order, numbers 97520-98119, but never built, apparently due
to restrictions on use of strategic materials. SP kept those cars
listed in the ORER until October 1943, quoting Tony "presumably
reflecting a continuing desire by SP to receive the cars."

Time stopped in November 1941
Walter M. Clark
Pullman, Washington, USA

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