SP Freight Cars, Vol. 5

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Signature Press is proud to announce that in about one month's
time, the concluding volume in the series, SP Freight Cars, Volume 5,
will be released. The car types included are hoppers, covered hoppers,
and tank cars.
The book is 448 pages in size, contains 578 photographs (77 in
color) and over 100 drawings. Its extensive rosters and survival
tables, builder photos, and in-service photos of virtually every car
class covered make it unusually authoritative and complete.
The four previous volumes, covering gondolas and stock cars
(Volume 1), cabooses (Volume 2), automobile cars and flat cars (Volume
3) and box cars (Volume 4), remain in print and are available direct
from the publisher. For more information on all these books, please
visit our web site (URL below).
Asked about this series, freight car historian Richard
Hendrickson had this comment: "This completes Tony Thompson’s series of
five books on the freight cars of the Southern Pacific. Altogether, the
series is by far the most comprehensive and elaborately documented
study of a single railroad’s freight car fleet ever published. For
devotees and modelers of the Southern Pacific it is an essential
reference, and those who are interested in railroad rolling stock
generally will also find it interesting and informative."

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