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Robert kirkham

It's a bit of a relief to read this e-mail tonight!

I was starting to wonder about the proportions of railway specific freight car books in my collection. Do I have enough PRR, or NKP or ATSF or ..... gee, I wonder how many of you have an over representation of books on the Canadian freight car fleet? Come to think of it, it seems I may need something SP.....

Rob Kirkham (tongue in cheek)

From: Dennis Storzek

--- In STMFC@..., "Mike Brock" <brockm@...> wrote:

Actually I said:

"The model that I prefer is a modified Nelson/Gilbert model which
RRs with "significant interchange" should have from 2 to 2.5 times the
national %."
I'm sure this is the key. [snip]...

But why bother? Data for the average railroad is only going to be good
for someone who freelances, but even then you run into the problem
that if you model the Maumee, what the heck is the Wabash hauling if
all that traffic is on the Maumee? Even if you get what was actually
happening right, you then have to modify it again to take into account
the new player you added.

I personally think that time would be better spent studying the
prototype one is trying to model, identifying the consists of the
trains as best one can from consists, interchange statistics, photos,
movies, whatever is available, noting not only the overall car mix,
but specific instances of heavy concentrations, because those heavy
concentrations aren't random events, they MEAN something, and modeling
them helps to capture the feel of the prototype.


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