Re: What HO truck(s) do we STMFC'ers want?

Larry Fink

I have not seen anyone mentioned it yet, so I'll remind members that
Eastern Car Works offers 3 different types of 4-wheel, 70-ton HO
trucks. I've used and can recommend their #9064 Bettendorf as
representative of the type. Note that the Eastern Car Works trucks
need careful assembly (with glue) and do not come with wheels. Retail
list price is $3 for a pair. I believe #9064 is the same type as
pictured at the link to the ERIE 10325 gon photo in message 75505
(thanks John Hile).

Larry Fink
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I think any properly rendered 70-ton truck in HO will look
different from 50-ton trucks, especially with that wider bolster,
and are
certainly needed.

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