Re: What HO truck(s) do we STMFC'ers want?

Tim O'Connor

I really like the massive look of the trucks on this 65 foot
Erie #15000 gondola, although I don't know what kind they are.

Tim O'Connor

Put me down for 70-ton trucks in several versions...

Or these:

My strong preference would be for those on the Erie gon. The trucks
on the flat car were self-aligning spring-plankless, and we have
several of those in HO scale already (granted, they're supposed to be
fifty ton trucks, but on several of them the journal boxes are
sufficiently oversize that they're closer in appearance to 70 ton
trucks anyway). The trucks on the Lackawanna covered hopper were ASF
A-3s, and we have already have relatively good A-3s in HO; again,
they're supposed to be fifty ton trucks, but the difference in
journal box size isn't very obvious. The trucks on the Erie gondola
were 70 ton self-aligning spring-plankless double truss with six
springs on each side, three across facing outward, and that's a
rather common design which we've never had in HO. Brian?

Richard Hendrickson

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