ADMIN: Re: Re: Freight car distribution

Steve Lucas <stevelucas3@...>

--- In STMFC@..., "Malcolm Laughlin" <mlaughlinnyc@...>
CN did a systemwide 8 AM check in the era of STMFC.

Steve Lucas.

--- In STMFC@..., Larry Jackman <Ljack70117@> wrote:

At 6 AM each morning the entire yard was check and recorded on a
special form. Two copies were sent to the accounting department
two copies to the car department and one filed in the files where
they were recorded.

This was done on the whole RR and was done on The Un Pac and John
Santa Fe.

It is of my opinion that this was done on every RR
in the good old US of A, So at 6 AM every freight car
in the good old US of A was on record.
I know for certain that it was not done on the NYC, MILW, NS or
The UP and ATSF were rather wealthy railroads, from long haul
revenue, and in the 60's were not known for keeping a sharp eye on

So they not only needed to be known, they were known.
That it was done does not tell us that it was needed. It sounds
a want on the part of some official to give the car accounting
department a means for cross checking the data received from
interchange reports and wheel reports. Whether the costs saved by
having that cross reference exceeded the cost of all those yard
hours is an interesting question.

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