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Cyril Durrenberger

If they started building these cars in 1915 (as indicated in the post from the Santa Fe Modelers), does anyone know what railroads leased these for the period from 1915 to 1920?

Cyril Durrenberger

Richard Hendrickson <> wrote:
On Aug 23, 2008, at 1:40 PM, Tom Lawler wrote:

I finally dug out all the P2K Stock Cars I have and decided to put
together. It is not too bad, I only had 6 not built. Since they have
been stored for a long time ,and I am far more educated about my
cars these days then I was back then, I decided to check the ORER
for my
time period (7/50) to see if these cars were around.

I have three CB&Q cars 50124, 50130 and 50076 that do not appear in
ORER. Were these cars under other numbers at this time or are these
just bogus cars? I love the red paint scheme so it would be neat to
have the cars on the railroad. If these are good cars (with different
numbers) is the red a legit paint scheme in 1950 (I don't think it

I have a friend who gave me two Mather cars (MSCX 2023 and 1501). What
was up with these cars in 1950? MSCX 2023 is MUNX Reefer in 1950. MSCX
1501 is an SM class with only 2 registered. In fact, there are
basically no MSCX stock cars around in July 1950. It would appear that
having a MSCX reporting mark on my RR would be pretty much bogus in my
time frame.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
As you now know from other responses, the models you have aren't
appropriate for July 1950. The MSCX reporting marks were used by
Mather on cars that were between long term leases, of which there
were only a handful in mid-1950. So you have two choices: try to
sell the models you have and buy models lettered for RRs that leased
cars from Mather at that time, or repaint the models you have and
decal-letter them for RRs that had Mather cars. Northern Pacific had
several hundred of them in service at that time, both single and
double deck. Great Northern had 200 single deck Mather cars.
Chicago & Northwestern had 300, Chicago & Eastern Illinois had 100.
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio had almost 250. Baltimore & Ohio had almost
1,200 stock cars in service, both single and double deck, all Mather.
Some smaller RRs like the Akron, Canton & Youngstown also had them,
though they probably didn't stray far off-line.

Richard Hendrickson

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