Different color running boards on Erie/NKP box cars

Dean Payne

I recently saw a photo (I forget where) of a Des Plaines Hobbies Erie
box car with a black Viking roof, but body-color running board. This
is kind of odd, kind of neat, I can't decide which. Is this prototypical?
In favor of yes, I have a Proto 2000 50' Erie box car with gray roof
and black running board.
In favor of no, I remember that the kit that I got included body-color
grabs and ladders for the ends, which I painted black, since the ends
were black. I have a Des Plaines NKP box that came with the same
color scheme. Should I paint the running boards on those cars black?
If so, I still find it odd that the Proto kit had only the running
board black, not the ends or roof (before weathering...)
Dean Payne

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