Re: Different color running boards on Erie/NKP box cars

Richard Hendrickson

On Aug 24, 2008, at 8:59 AM, Dean Payne wrote:

I recently saw a photo (I forget where) of a Des Plaines Hobbies Erie
box car with a black Viking roof, but body-color running board. This
is kind of odd, kind of neat, I can't decide which. Is this
In favor of yes, I have a Proto 2000 50' Erie box car with gray roof
and black running board.
In favor of no, I remember that the kit that I got included body-color
grabs and ladders for the ends, which I painted black, since the ends
were black. I have a Des Plaines NKP box that came with the same
color scheme. Should I paint the running boards on those cars black?
If so, I still find it odd that the Proto kit had only the running
board black, not the ends or roof (before weathering...)

I don't know about Erie or NKP practice, but from the early 1930s
through the mid-'50s, Santa Fe standard practice was to paint the
roofs with black car cement into which a gritty material was added to
provide secure footing in case a trainman stepped off the running
boards. From the mid-'50s until running boards were removed, the
Santa Fe continued to use the gritty material, but it was sprinkled
onto wet mineral brown paint instead of black. Wood running boards
were always mineral brown. Steel running boards were unpainted
galvanized metal on new or rebuilt cars, black or mineral brown on
repainted cars, depending on when the repainting was carried out.

Richard Hendrickson

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