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I am not aware of any Kansas fllods in 1956. There was a very large flood (greatly impacting traffic for many railroads) in July 1951. While the '51 flood was a great human and economic tragedy, it benefits us historians because everyone got out their camera and took photos of industries, railroad yards, etc.



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Here's the much anticipated results of the 1956 UP train box car composition
over Sherman Hill. There were 31 trains. Of these, there were 5 EB "lumber"
trains containing 11, 10, 8, 9, and 10 SP box cars for a total of 48 cars.
If these were missed, the SP position changes quite a bit. UP, NYC and PRR
cars were rather evenly distributed. The 1956 data matches very well with
that of 1949 as far as UP, PRR, NYC, and SP is concerned. GN was a surprise
and I was pleased to see that NP had reached a level which could support
Brock's Fifth Rule of frt cars...although I have not the courage to check
each train for at least one NP car. ATSF was apparently upset with their
somewhat puny showing and responded by sending 98 SFRD reefers [ MT ] in one
train. Perhaps this was due to the Kansas floods...I have not checked on the
dates. Practically every RR was represdented. Box cars of special interest
were one CV, a few BAR and a MEC. I am most proud of the 2 N&W hoppers [
bless their dirty souls ] plus 2 PRR hoppers, one MKT, 2 Mopac and my
favorite, a WAB hopper.

Position RR cars
1. UP: 249
2. PRR: 126
3. NYC: 107
4. SP: 101
4a. SP & TNO: 115
5. GN: 57
6. NP: 43
7. C&O: 41
8. C&NW: 40
8. B&O: 40
9. Milw: 38
10. SR: 32
11. CB&Q: 24
12. ATSF: 23

Mike Brock

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