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charles slater

Andy the Rr-47 class cars were built new in 1951 by the West Wichita shops and did have a diagonal panel roof.
The Rr-49 class cars were rebuilt in 1950 from Rr-5 class wood cars some of which had already had there original roofs replaced with Murphy streight panel roofs in the 1930/40's. The cars that had the streight panel roofs at the time they were rebuilt into Rr-49 cars kept them, and the Rr-5's that had their original roofs when rebuilt into Rr-49's got new diagonal panel roofs. So the answer is the Rr-49's used both roofs, but if there is a number series for which ones the Santa Fe folio sheet does not break that down. My GUESS is they were mixed togather.
Maybe Richard H. has more information on this.
Charlie Slater

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I am currently kitbashing some SantaFe plug door 40' iced reefers. The first model under consideration is an Rr-47. According to the ATSF Society's book on reefers these cars were built in 1951 with a rectangular panel (Murphy) roof. In 1951 wouldn't they have used a diagonal panel (Stanray) roof? Similarly, the Sunshine Models info sheet on ATSF plug door reefers claims that the Rr-49s were rebuilt retaining their rectangular panel roof from a 1930's rebuilding, but the Society book claims they had diagonal panel roofs. Which is correct?regards,Andy Miller_dels info sheet[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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