Boxcar Images

Bob Chaparro <thecitrusbelt@...>

Here are a few boxcar image links I found while looking for other
items on the `net. The captions are from the image sources.


Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA
From a Great Northern Annual Report

Volunteer workers loading a truck from a boxcar for transportation to
the warehouse at this center. -- Photographer: Parker, Tom --
McGehee, Arkansas. 11/21/42 (Note that this is an "automobile" boxcar
serving another use during WW II.)

A surviving railroad legacy of the former Studebaker railway. This
Wabash boxcar was once assigned to the Studebaker Plant. For many
years this car moved parts in, out and around the Studebaker Plants.
Photo courtsey of Bob Albert and The Hoosier Valley Railroad Musuem ,
North Judson, Indiana, where the car has been restored and is on

GAEX 112008 (ca. 1960)
Boxcar #112008 as it appeared when it first arrived on the GBW.

GBW 15030 (ca. 1958)
These 40' boxcars were rebuilt from 14000-series double door auto

Pullman-Standard Boxcar (1965)
The Green Bay & Western added 200 boxcars to its roster in late 1951 -
- the first steel boxcars on the railroad.

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