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Depending on what assumptions you make, you can spend 5 to ten cents a car just doing the check. How does it help finding a lost car. Take for example a yard with 1000 cars. I'd estimate that's about 30 to 40 lists. At least a dozen of the car numbers will have an error either in writing or in legibility. To find a lost car, does a clerk try to read through all of those lists ? Or are the lists checked against the waybill rack - more expense -, which works only for loads and empty special equipment.

I could see that once a week to try to find cars that are really lost. But daily ? On a whole railroad ? If the clerks are doing their job so poorly that every day there are enough lost cars to make the yard check pay for itself, are those same clerks who make a lot of errors going to find them.

It would be interesting to know how many railroads actually did that. I mentioned a few days ago several railroads that I'm pretty sure didn't do full yard checks over the whole railraod..

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